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Government directives are mandatory rules that have to be followed. They can be found in the Journal.

List of government directives[edit | edit source]

Note: Directive numbers occasionally fluctuate, so the listed one might not be the exact match.

Icon Name Directive Evidence Effective Date
Bubble dead.pngIcon political views.png Directive no. 6037 It is illegal to harbor criminals or hide their actions сoncealment of information about crimes September 1, 1984
Icon banner son.pngBubble agit poster.png Directive no. 6038 The production of political propaganda is prohibited roll of fabric;

making propaganda posters

September 1, 1984
Icon fruite apple red.pngIcon fruite apple green.png Directive no. 6039 All apples must be destroyed! It is illegal to store or consume them! red apple;

green apple

September 1, 1984
Bubble drugs 01.png Directive no. 6040 The production of drugs is prohibited selling drugs;

making drugs

September 1, 1984
Bubble singing.png Directive no. 6041 Singing in front of the Ministry of Order is prohibited singing in front of the Ministry of Order September 2, 1984
Icon book ancient.png Directive no. 6042 It is illegal to read or own a book by Paul Williams book (2) September 2, 1984
Icon foreign coins.png Directive no. 6043 It is illegal to use foreign currency foreign money September 3, 1984
Icon soda foreign.png Directive no. 6044 Imported soda is prohibited soda (1) September 4, 1984
Icon trousers.png Directive no. 6045 It is illegal to wear or sell jeans jeans September 5, 1984
Icon music plate foreign.png Directive no. 6046 It is illegal to possess foreign music! record (3) September 6, 1984
Icon dried fish.png Directive no. 6047 It is illegal to possess fish! fish September 7, 1984
Icon light.png Directive no. 6048 It is illegal to store light bulbs! light bulb September 8, 1984
Bubble dancing.png Directive no. 6049 All form of entertainment are prohibited! dancing September 8, 1984
Icon gun.pngIcon made gun.png Directive no. 6050 It is illegal to possess and use weapons! pistol;

handmade gun

September 9, 1984
Icon tie blue.png Directive no. 6051 It is illegal to wear a blue tie! blue tie September 9, 1964
Bubble war.png War Talk is Prohibited war talk
Bubble crying.png It is prohibited to cry in groups larger than three! crying
Bubble reading.png It is illegal to read books! reading books
Icon syrop daughter.png It is prohibited to use or own foreign medicines! Liebespirit
Bubble bar.png It illegal to go bars! going to bars
Icon salt.png It is illegal to store salt salt
Icon duck.png Prohibited storage of rubber ducks rubber duck
Icon poster 02.png Defacing campaign posters is prohibited! spoiled poster
Icon bomb.pngIcon bomb part.png It is illegal to damage government property bomb;

unfinished device

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