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The following is a list of items in the game Beholder. Items are accessed through the Inventory and can be purchased or sold by trader Nathan Kehler. Here are the list of items that can be purchased in the Shop.

If you discover an item in a tenant's apartment, you have the option to steal it, or sometimes you can obtain information by clicking on the colored text (called an Interest), which earns you +75RP. Interests can be profiled for money.

List of items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Sell Buy
Icon work card.png Absentee certificate Issued to Klaus Schimmer. These allow you to move around the country. It's illegal to leave the city without one $100 $300
Icon pills aspirin.png Aspirin A bottle of pills. The label says it's aspirin $155 $465
Icon ball.png Ball A bouncy and resilient rubber ball $15 $45
Icon sock blue.png Blue sock Regular sock $5 $15
Icon skirt.png Blue skirt Judging by the material, it was sewn at the local factory $43 $129
Icon tie blue.png Blue tie A classic tie designed for every occasion $65 $195
Icon book diary.png Diary A tenant's personal diary $3 $9
Icon book.png Book (1) A famous novel. Judging by the cover, it's just more propaganda... $15 $45
Icon books.png Books (1) Stories by Carl Woost. He wrote humorous tales about our country, and was executed for doing so $25 $75
Icon book ancient.png Book (2) Paul William's philosophical books. I read his manifests on free societies as a student. It sounded like a fairy tale $750 $2250
Icon book patric.png Books (2) Rare and valuable books on economics. These are just what Patrick needs for his studies $750 $2250
Icon book leader.png Book (3) "The Great Life of our Beloved Leader." A book about the inspiring life of our Great Leader $500 $1500
Icon children book.png Book (4) "Patriotic tales for kids" $9 $27
Icon book love.png Book (5) A sappy, sentimental love novel. Barf! $20 $60
Icon book of laws.png Book (6) Laws, amendments, and addendums. Dull legal literature $150 $450
Icon notebook.png Notebook Names, dates, other info... Nothing of interest $5 $15
Icon bottle broken.png Broken bottle With a little skill, a broken bottle can be turned into a dangerous weapon. Related Interest: Dangerous tendencies $3 $9
Icon shoes.png Boots Durable all-weather boots $75 $225
Icon knitting set.png Ball of yarn Quality wool thread and knitting needles $80 $240
Icon shirt blue.png Blue shirt A plain, cotton shirt of medium quality. It's very popular with citizens $75 $225
Icon repair wooden parts.png Cabinetmaker's kit Furniture repair kit $50 $150
Icon canned fish.png Canned fish 50 cans of questionable fish... $3000 $9000
Icon cardigan.png Cardigan Perfect for cool weather $85 $255
Icon chess.png Chess Chess pieces made of onyx $90 $270
Icon chocolate.png Chocolate bar A treat for children and adults $25 $75
Icon candy.png Chocolate candy Most candy is sold in powdered sugar form, which makes it stick together. This one has bright wrapping $10 $30
Icon colored pencils.png Colored pencils One day, our pencils will be yellow and bright again. These pencils look like they're made of dirt, but its not like kids have a choice $17 $51
Icon coins album.png Coin collecting album A leather album filled with coins $300 $900
Icon comb.png Comb It's just a comb. And an old one at that $11 $33
Icon ticket.png Cruise tickets Two ocean liner tickets to the Southern shore $5000 $15000
Icon card deck.png Deck of cards and dice Used cards and dice. Related Interest: Likes to gamble $45 $135
Icon duck.png Duck Our daughter loves ducks. One day, we'll have our own bathroom, and we'll let that duck swim in a bubble bath $33 $99
Icon repair mechanical parts.png Electrician's kit Appliance repair kit $50 $150
Icon bottles empty.png Empty bottles Dirty empty bottles. May lead to related Interest: Doesn't make trouble $1 $3
Icon glasses.png Eyeglasses The frames are cheap and have been repaired several times $70 $210
Icon camera roll.png Film An unused reel of film $115 $345
Icon fishing rod.png Fishing rod You can catch the mightiest fish with this quality rod $162 $486
Icon fruite apple green.png Green apple A ripe, juicy apple $16 $48
Icon tie green.png Green tie A brightly colored tie. Suitable only for festive occasions $65 $195
Icon trousers.png Jeans Every teenager's dream. Some want to wear them; some want to burn them $210 $630
Icon envelope letter.png Letter This envelope contains a letter $3 $9
Icon women bag.png Handbag Quality leather handbag $170 $510
Icon old doll.png Old doll My wife played with this doll as a child. Now our daughter does. She calls it Naira, even though that name is more suitable for a cat $100 $300
Icon pot.png Pot A garden variety pot $23 $69
Icon razor.png Razor An open razor, keep it in its carrying case $13 $39
Icon music plate neutral.png Record (1) Dance music $45 $135
Icon music plate patriotic.png Record (2) Patriotic songs $75 $225
Icon music plate foreign.png Record (3) Foreign music $150 $450
Icon fruite apple red.png Red apple A ripe, juicy apple $16 $48
Icon dress red.png Red dress It's embarrassing to search others' belongings, but it's my job! $71 $213
Icon sock red.png Red sock Just a red sock. An ordinary red sock. It doesn't even have ankle stripes. It's just red, through and through $5 $15
Icon bathrobe.png Robe A luxurious bath robe $45 $135
Icon screwdriver.png Screwdriver It's just a screwdriver. I hope no one inserts it into an inappropriate place $35 $105
Icon women hat.png Slouch hat A weekend hat. Slightly worn but treated with care $80 $240
Icon pyramid.png Stacking toy My coworkers gave me this when Patrick was born. I had to sand it off, though, because the wooden rings had a bunch of splinters $18 $54
Icon stamp album.png Stamp album For collecting stamps $170 $510
Icon device camera 0 rec.png Surveillance camera I Narrow viewing range. Videotaping available $150 $450
Icon device camera 1 rec.png Surveillance camera II Moderate viewing range. Videotaping available $250 $750
Icon device camera 2 rec.png Surveillance camera III Wide viewing range. Videotaping available $500 $1500
Icon bear present.png Teddy bear Cute teddy bear $500 $1500
Tobacco.png Tobacco A pouch full of mediocre tobacco $15 $45
Icon toothbrush.png Toothbrush An ordinary toothbrush. I have one just like it. You can't find the other kind in stores $6 $18
Icon towel.png Towel Good towels are hard to come by $29 $87
Icon bottle wine.png Wine Red wine in a bottle $210 $630
Icon purse.png Wallet An unremarkable wallet containing very little money $21 $63
Icon wrist watch.png Watch The strap is worn but made of quality leather $85 $255
Icon bottle whiskey.png Whiskey Your best friend in cold weather $350 $1050
Icon glasses ranek.png Glasses (1) These belong to Mark Ranek, an honored employee of the archive $35 $105
Icon duct tape.png Insulating tape This is industrial insulating tape. It's used in factories and not sold in stores $12 $36
Icon letter money.png Money (1) An envelope of money for canned goods $1500 $4500
Icon syrop daughter.png Liebespirit Foreign medicine for Martha $500 $1500
Icon cubes.png Wooden blocks One can use these to make words and castles. Citizens are allowed to own only two sets, so these would be very short words and very small castles $14 $42
Icon brooch.png Golden brooch A family treasure $5000 $15000
Icon veil.png Veil Wearing a fancy dress and a tuxedo to your wedding is considered archaic, but some romantic brides still wear a veil. Usually, it's made of curtains $10 $30
Icon sweater old.png Old sweater A slightly worn sweater. It clearly served its owner for more than a year, but he didn't take care of it $14 $42
Icon shoes old.png Old shoes These shoes have been repaired many times... But won't be again... $15 $45
Icon work gloves.png Mittens Mittens made of sackcloth $10 $30
Icon newspaper.png Newspaper This isn't yesterday's news, it's last year's news! $2 $6
Icon ship model.png Ship model A prefabricated ship model $130 $390
Icon music notes.png Sheet music A collection of piano classics $70 $210
Icon paints.png Paints A palette with a variety of paints $60 $180
Icon letter.png Foreign letter A letter with a foreign stamp $1 $3
Icon coffee pot.png Turkish coffee pot Copper coffee pot for making coffee $79 $237
Icon theatrical mask.png Theatre mask This is probably a cheap theatrical prop, although it could be valuable... $145 $435
Icon violin.png Violin Antique violin $900 $2700
Icon passport.png Passport Every citizen must have a passport $100 $300
Icon gun.png Pistol A real gun. Does the owner have permission to possess it? $200 $600
Icon sweater.png Sweater This sweater is produced at knitting factory no. 16. It's available in four colors, but this one is the best $95 $285
Icon balsam star.png Tiger balm This balm is excellent for stopping a runny nose, but it'll make you cry. So after your sinuses are clear, you have to cure your eyes! $75 $225
Icon pocket watch.png Pocket watch A quality pocket watch. Judging by its condition, it's at least 50 years old! $103 $309
Icon book recipes.png Cook book A recipe book containing delicious dishes from around the world $75 $225
Icon manuscripts full.png Manuscript Sheets of paper with handwriting on them. This appears to be a work of fiction $1 $3
Icon gardening magazine.png Gardening magazine Advice for growing potted plants and garden flowers $45 $135
Icon medicine chest.png First AID A standard first aid kit containing everything you need to render emergency care $200 $600
Icon telescope.png Spyglass Lens diameter: 80 mm $510 $1530
Icon dumbbells.png Dumbbells Heavy and solid $50 $150
Icon tennis set.png Tennis kit For advanced players only $215 $645
Icon details.png Parts Different metal parts $1 $3
Icon bottle rum.png Rum Thunderation! Rum is hard to come by these days! $270 $810
Icon salt.png Salt Foreign salt. The granules are very fine. Domestic salt is so rough it breaks your teeth $43 $129
Icon soda foreign.png Soda (1) Foreign. Contents unknown $100 $300
Icon soda patriotic.png Soda (2) Local. It's a blast from the past! $100 $300
Icon art picters.png Reproductions Several posters of famous paintings $80 $240
Icon blouse violet.png Purple blouse A new silk blouse. Some of the threads aren't cut! $40 $120
Icon blouse blue.png Blue blouse A simple cotton blouse $40 $120
Icon dress blue.png Blue dress Every woman has a dress like this $83 $249
Icon meat pie.png Meat pie It smells wonderful but I'm not sure about the filling... I hope I don't know the owner of that bone... $25 $75
Icon knife.png Knife A very sharp knife! $19 $57
Icon women shoes.png Shoes Common domestic shoes $20 $60
Icon women hat straw.png Straw hat Such hats are rarely worn these days, as the smog is hard on them $75 $225
Icon light.png Light bulb It's low capacity provides dim and gloomy light $7 $21
Icon pills sleeping.png Narcotic A bottle of sleeping pills $134 $402
Icon medical gown.png Lab coat Medical worker uniform $35 $105
Icon arsenic.png Arsenic A full bottle. Many undesirable people have fallen victim to that fragrant potion $700 $2100
Icon soccer ball.png Soccer ball This ball has been kicked around quite a bit. Good thing it was well made $40 $120
Icon archery.png Bow and arrows Used archery kit $102 $306
Icon bag candy.png Bag of candy Colorful lollipops that stick together when it's hot outside. It's the most popular candy available $10 $30
Icon box.png Box I need to give this to Fulfledle Brukich $500 $1500
Icon ad health resort.png Leaflet "Need a vacation? Then escape to luxurious..." I'd say this is an ad rather than propaganda $1 $3
Icon drawing.png Blueprints Blueprints of technical devices, communications equipment, and rockets $35 $105
Icon dried fish.png Fish So dry I can't take a single bite $1 $3
Icon world map.png World map An illustrated and detailed map of the world $75 $225
Icon sock.png Sock Regular socks $5 $15
Icon permit factory.png Factory access card Following a series of explosions, factories and plants were declared restricted facilities. An access card is required for entry $35 $105
Icon wrench.png Wrench Nothing special; just a key $11 $33
Icon miner helmet.png Hard hat A miner's hat with a personal ID number on one side $35 $105
Icon oiler.png Engine oil A large jar of engine oil $35 $105
Icon blouse green.png Green jacket An ordinary woven jacket $40 $120
Icon thread.png Thread A large spool of thread $3 $9
Icon tea pack.png Black tea Very black and very strong $60 $180
Icon skates.png Ice skates Blades for figure skating. These are the only ones stores sell $200 $600
Icon poison.png Rat poison Potent rat poison. It's dangerous! Wear protective gear when using $50 $150
Icon thimble.png Thimble and needle A simple sewing kit $35 $105
Icon pants.png Trousers Classic trousers suitable for either a wedding or a funeral $60 $180
Icon foreign coins.png Foreign money A stack of shiny coins $1000 $3000
Icon medal.png Medal It's a medal for performing an act of bravery at the Battle of Aglow $2500 $7500
Icon passport.png A fake passport A passport with personal data but no photo $500 $1500
Icon drawing.png Top secret blueprints These are blueprints of nuclear weapons! $2500 $7500
Icon strawberry soap.png Strawberry soap Fragrant strawberry soap. I heard it's manufactured here, but I've never seen any in stores. All we have are the stinky tar and lye soaps $40 $120
Icon brooch.png Brooch Gold-plated brooch with a large blue stone $150 $450
Icon chemistry set.png Still A set of retorts for experiments $130 $390
Icon star atlas.png Star atlas A magazine for the astronomical community $85 $255
Icon book dictionary.png Book (7) Modern dictionary $25 $75
Icon molotov cocktail.png Molotov cocktail A full bottle. One could use it to bomb something $50 $150
Icon music notes.png Violin concerto A collection of works for the violin $70 $210
Icon bomb part.png Unfinished device This looks like part of a bomb $1 $3
Icon camera.png Camera A professional-grade camera. Takes excellent color shots $450 $1350
Icon id paper.png Note It says Grubic is going to come to talk with me. He's going to meet me at Big Brother Bar. My forms are printed on the same paper $1 $3
Icon bomb.png Bomb A dangerous explosive device $250 $750
Icon banner son.png Roll of fabric Durable fabric for making propaganda banners. Trade unions give it out before meetings. Some folks try to be creative, but the government strictly monitors its use $1 $3
Icon made gun.png Handmade gun Is it a toy or a real gun? $160 $480
Icon furniture radio.png Dream radio Works better on the upper floors; the basement is out of the question. Receives only two State channels, but some people have used amplifiers to receive international channels, too. That's a good way to end up in prison $750 $2250
Icon scissors.png Scissors A dull pair of scissors $3 $9
Icon bomb 01.png Explosive device This bomb consists of a timer, six closed circuits, and six sticks of dynamite $50 $150
Icon furniture heater.png Heater A must-have appliance in our cold, wet climate $750 $2250
Icon coffee.png Coffee beans Fresh and fragrant coffee beans $25 $75
Icon herb.png Flower A pretty plant with a delicate aroma $8 $24
Icon nippers.png Nippers A very useful tool. To cut a cable or... Well, it is enough $3 $9
Icon phonendoscope.png Stethoscope An essential tool for any medical worker $35 $105
Icon peaked cap.png Service cap This cap has no logos or emblems identifying it with a specific organization, so anyone can wear it $35 $105
Icon vest.png Striped vest Even movers wear striped vests in the port $35 $105