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The following is a list of items in the DLC Blissful Sleep, for the game Beholder. Items can be purchased or sold by trader Nathan Kehler. There is a list of fixed DNA items, they can't be purchased or sold by trader.

If you discover an item in a tenant's apartment, you have the option to steal it, or you can obtain information by clicking on the colored text.

List of items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Sell Buy
Icon potion healer fire.png Merry Dracaris The Merry Dracaris balm will make you feel reborn! $1000 $3000
Icon potion healer police.png Face the Monsters Soothes anxiety, hypochondria and other weaknesses of the human spirit. $1000 $3000
Icon potion healer love.png Love Potion This potion can make anyone fall in love with anything. $1000 $3000
Icon potion inventor.png Killer Descartes This concoction will set your mind ablaze with ideas and fantasies! Dilute three drops per 50 liters of water. $1000 $3000
Icon potion veteran.png Leg Grow This concoction will give you the ability to grow extra limbs. $1000 $3000
Icon potion maniac.png Blast from the Past Enables you to face the ghosts of your past. $1000 $3000
Icon potion healer bug.png Bug spray It smells disgusting. Perhaps the bugs will leave just to escape the smell. $500 $1500
Icon gun2.png BFG900 The sign says, "Break glass in case of demonic invasion." $1000 $3000
Icon games box.png Diseases: The Game The box says, "Your kids will have a great time playing Diseases!" $150 $450
Icon portal gun.png Unknown weapon The sign says this device rips open the inter-dimensional plane, allowing for immediate movement between two points in time and space. $800 $2400
Icon mind read minds.png Strange helmet The manual says this machine can read a person's thoughts (or the thoughts of an animal or insect) from as far away as five centimetres. $499 $1497
Icon oscilloscope.png Oscillograph A scientific device. I hope it's not prohibited. $299 $897
Icon parrot.png Parrot A rather aggressive bird. $500 $1500
Icon healer book.png Daires (1) I'm afraid to even have this journal. Who knows what might happen? $30 $90
Icon personal file.png Profile This folder contains Zlata Schimmer's profile. The first page says Jacob and Louisa Manishek are her biological parents! $7 $21
Icon gem.png Gem A large, unpolished amethyst. $10000 $30000
Icon herbal pouch.png Herbs A variety of smelling herbs. $15 $45
Icon gost mail.png State Standard Form A stamped form for the creation of a statue. Add a detailed description in the empty portions. $100 $300
Icon medical certificate.png Health certificate It says Maria Schimmer is infertile. $3 $9
Icon police badge.png Badge A shiny, sharp police badge. $350 $1050
Icon police truncheon.png Cudgel A rubber police cudgel. It will break your bones with a crack and leave no bruises on your body. $250 $750
Icon girls dress.png Dress A pink dress for a young girl. It's fancy and expensive! $850 $2550
Icon girls shoes.png Shoes (1) Little shoes with bows. $80 $240
Icon canned cat.png Canned cat food For felines only. $50 $150
Icon fireworks.png Fireworks Don't point these at people until they betray their nation! $300 $900
Icon skeleton.png Skeleton This is a real human skeleton. It's wearing gloves! $1500 $4500
Icon bone.png Skeleton fragment A small piece of bone. $1 $3
Icon scarecrow painting.png Stuffed crow The crow looks better with makeup. It kind of resembles a parrot. $250 $750
Icon scarecrow.png Stuffed crow (1) This crow reminds me of a duck. $350 $1050
Icon platypus.png Stuffed platypus I've never seen this cute animal up close before. $250 $750
Icon caviar.png Red caviar Incredibly, the delicacy in this jar has not expired! $770 $2310
Icon duct tape rope.png Rope and sticky tape Just imagine the trouble you could-- I mean how useful these two things could be. $17 $51
Icon sandwich.png Open-faced sandwich Crispy bread with a slice of cheese and a big piece of salami. $10 $30
Icon suitcase big.png Suitcase A large, durable suitcase. $350 $1050
Icon women handkerchief.png Scarf A scarf made of the finest silk and infused with essence of violet. $850 $2250
Icon letter.png Letter (1) "It's my 88th birthday! I didn't think I would live that long! Thanks for the present, son!" Christopher Danson's father turned 88! $50 $150
Icon liquid chlorine.png Cleaner High chlorine content! Wear protection! $300 $900
Icon duck.png Duck (1) I had one of those as a kid. They used to fill up with water and then sink. $33 $99
Icon pyramid.png Stacking toy (1) A great way to train motility and patience. $18 $54
Icon roly poly toy.png Toy Its round base makes the toy rock and produces sad sounds. $45 $135
Icon toy truck.png Dump truck A fun toy for a youngster. $85 $255
Icon toy gun.png Pistol (1) This toy pistol looks like the real thing. $50 $150
Icon clippings.png Newspaper clippings Clippings of crime stories published over the last several years. $1 $3
Icon women hat.png Hat This hat belongs to Jeanne Oehrn. $50 $150
Icon purse Janna.png Jeanne Oehrn's purse I took this purse out of Jeanne Oehrn's pocket. $450 $1350
Icon drow naced girl.png Poster A poster of a naked woman. $100 $300
Icon plantain.png Ribwort An all-purpose cure that's also good for equipment repairs. $10 $30
Icon sanitary book.png Health Permit This says a person has no diseases and is therefore able to work with food. $1500 $4500
Icon balalaika.png Balalaika A rare musical instrument. $300 $900
Icon baby cup.png Sippy Cup This was used recently. The cover is wet. $10 $30
Icon white gloves.png White gloves Sterile medical gloves. $15 $45
Icon mouse.png Mouse Order's catch. $1 $3
Icon teddy bear.png Big teddy bear This must be imported. We don't make beautiful things like this. $33 $99
Icon painted money.png Note (1) A child's drawing of a banknote. The handwriting says something unreadable about his parents. $1 $3
Icon boy cap.png Clothes A stack of kids' summer clothes. $85 $255
Icon potion big.png Jars A bag of jars with herbs. $45 $135
Icon liquid hawthorn.png The liqueur A liqueur with hawthorn berries (37% alcohol). $66 $198
Icon bug bag.png Bag A small bag of herbs and bugs. $10 $30