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Quests in the game Beholder can be obtained by talking to a character with an exclamation mark above, however some quests are hidden and will only appear if you are interested in the tenants' lives. Find this out by talking or watching them. Some tasks are given by phone and others will appear automatically. Individual quests or entire quest chains can appear or conversely become inaccessible, depending on the performance of other tasks. The received tasks are displayed in the log on the left hand corner of the screen in the form of a list. Many tasks will have a time limit. In order to receive a reward you must fulfil the requirements of the quest within the time given.

As a reward for successful completion of the assignment you can obtain reputation points (or authority points, abbreviated to "RP"), money ("$") and items from other characters. "RP" - Reputation points are necessarily to maintain the level of confidence the Ministry has in you. Reputation points can be spent on:

- the purchase of surveillance cameras. (From the state store);

- the persuasion of other characters

However if the reputation goes into the minus, Carl will be arrested.

List of tasks[edit | edit source]

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